Ark Console - Green Power

Can the Ark run on Solar Power / Batteries ?

We received a lot of questions about this.
The short answer is .. YES.

How does this work?

Each module of the Ark runs on + / - 24 volts.
But each Ark module has its own voltage regulator.
Check our Power page for more details on this.

If the modules get their power from an external power supply, the voltage regulators serve to filter out all the “dirt” from the power supply.
In order for the voltage regulators to work well, the external power supply needs to feed them with at least 26.5 volts.
When feeding them with green power from solar panels / batteries however, things become a lot less critical.
Batteries serve very clean power. If that power is over 24 volts, the voltage regulators in our modules will bring that power back to 24 volts.

Apart from that, we worked long and hard on power consumption.

Why did we spend so much time on this?
The Ark uses between 500 and 1500 Watts (depending on the configuration)
This is most likely less than the lights in your studio.
Lower power consumption means a lower electricity bill. Good for your finances and the environment will thank you for it.

Better design also means lower heat generating. This has a positive effect on the long-term life of components, and is again better for the environment.
It also means there is no need for fans to cool down the Ark.

In the old days, no one really cared about power consumption, causing large consoles to be a heat source.
This is not really good for the components (which is one reason why these old consoles need to be left powered-on all the time. Switching them off and back on will blow some components) and forces you to install airco to cool down the console and your studio (which has to be powered on all the time as well).

Result? The electricity bill of a studio with an old console will pay for the Ark in one to two years.
While this may sound like a blunt statement, it is actually cold (or should we say “hot”) hard fact.
You may want to keep this in mind when comparing the price of a new Ark with the price of a second-hand, recapped, large format console.

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