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Discrete - Class A - Modular - Analogue Console

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The IP125 is our dual stereo line input module.

Like the rest of the
Ark8, it is a fully discrete, class-A design and offers exceptional sound quality.
The IP125 has 2 stereo inputs for increased input count.

Stereo A offers full routing and control, Stereo B is directly routed to either or both of the master mix busses.

Stereo A has independent gain control of the Left and Right input.
[Mono L] switch cuts the right input signal, and feeds the left signal to both left and right module paths
[Mono R] switch cuts the left input signal, and feeds the right signal to both left and right module paths
If both
[Mono L] and [Mono R] are selected at the same time, the sum of left and right inputs is fed to both paths of the module.

[L Phase] switch inverses the Left signal phase

The output of the stereo fader on the lower stereo input section can be routed to pairs of subgroups and to 2 stereo master outputs.

Insert send and return are standard immediately after the input trim.
[Insert Post] switch moves the insert points just before the fader, post anything which may be in the middle input section (see middle input section).
[Insert On] switch activates the insert return.
Note that the Insert Send is always active and can be used as additional pre-fader out or send.


IP125 features a second stereo line input which is directly routed to Master 1 and / or Master 2 mix bus.

While the Stereo B input can be used for any line source, effect returns seem the obvious first choice.

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