Discrete - Class A - Modular - Analogue Console

Ark 848

The ultimate small-footprint console with:
- 8 high-quality Mic pres
- 8 DAW return inputs
- 8 dual audio path channels
- Multi EQ with high-cut filter, low cut-filter, 4-band inductive EQ and swing EQ per channel
- Each EQ section usable on either audio path
- extensive Control Room Monitor section
- 16 stereo multipurpose inputs (32 track summing)
- direct inputs to master buses, aux master buses and group master buses

Getting each of these parts separately will cost a lot more than the Ark 848 does.

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Ark 848

Standard configuration with:
  • 8 inline channels
  • Dual audio path architecture with independent routing and inserts
  • Each channel equipped with Mic Pre, Equalisers and Filters
  • 4 EQ sections per channel
  • 8 Group buses
  • 16 Auxiliary buses
  • 2 inserts per channel
  • 2 Stereo Mix buses
  • 16 Stereo Returns
  • 48 inputs to the mix bus
  • Full CRM section with 4 stereo speaker sets and 4 stereo external inputs
  • Classic Analogue Metering with Global Meter Reading switching
  • Global light intensity control

Ark 848 is based on the Ark 8.

Module/channel/bucket details (left to right) :
Bucket 1: IP11 with 8x
IP111 + 8x IP211 + 8x IP311 + IP401
Bucket 2: IP71 Master bucket with
IP702, and two IP516

Width (including wooden side panels): 659 mm (25.95 inches)
Depth (including lean bar): 1200 mm (47.24 inches)
Height (including top shelf): 534 mm (21.02 inches)

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