Ark8 - Special Offer

Ark8 - 16-32-48

16 inline channels - 32 inputs to mix bus - 48 slots for 500 modules

A complete 16-channel console with support for 500 modules.

She can be yours for only €14900
(instead of €27700)

This is an exceptional and one-time offer.
Only for this one console.

We’re currently building this console using parts and modules we have in stock.
Some of these modules are older generation, but modified and upgraded to perform as the most recent versions.
(which is why we can offer this console below cost)

We can only offer one of these at this price.
Contact us fast, if you’re interested.

Timing not convenient?
Contact us, we may be able to work something out.

This Ark8 console features two Buc51 and one Buc71, which has the IP701 master module with support for 7.1 surround

  • 16 inline channels with complete dual audio path
  • 16 high-quality Mic pres
  • 16 Line inputs
  • 16 DAW or Tape returns
  • 16 Direct Outs
  • 48 slots for 500 series modules
  • Total of 32 inputs to the mix bus

  • Dual audio path architecture with independent routing and inserts
  • 8 Group buses
  • 16 Auxiliary buses
  • 2 inserts per channel
  • 2 Stereo Mix buses

  • Extensive Control Room Monitor section with 4 stereo speaker sets, one 7.1 speaker set, 2 Cue outputs, 4 stereo and one 7.1 external input
  • VU meters
  • Direct inputs to master buses, aux master buses and group master buses

  • Like all our products, this console comes with 5-year warranty (parts and labour)

Optionally the following can be installed:
  • 8 or 16 Stereo FX Returns on master bucket
  • Producer desk with or without patchbay

Contact us, if you’re interested.

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