Each 8 channel bucket has its own VU meters, one per channel, which can read Mic/Line input, DAW input or Direct Output.

The master section has 6 VU meters.
L/R of Master One, L/R of Master 2 and L/R of Solo bus

All VU meters are fitted with LED’s, (no meter light bulbs blowing out in the midst of production).

Global adjustments can be made on the master section, and effect all or part of the VU meters:

* Meter Select switches
all input channel meters to read either the Mic/Line input, the DAW input or the Direct Out.

* Meter Reading / Sensitivity can be adjusted
As standard, the meters read 0VU = +4dB
But to avoid the needle parking itself in the right-hand corner when working with “hot” signal levels, the meters can be switched to 0VU = +10dB, giving an extra 6dB of reading.

* Meter LED brightness
The LED brightness of all meters is controlled through the
Global Lights Dim control on the master section.
Turn it up if you work in a bright room, turn it down if you work in a darkened room.

* Switch LED brightness
All switches on the Ark are illuminated when active.
Apart from the VU meter LEDs, the Global Lights Dim control also controls the LED brightness of all switches.

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