Multipurpose Input Module

The IP816 is a multipurpose 8 stereo (or mono) input module.
It can be used as effects or groups returns, or for any stereo or mono source.

High-quality 100mm dual / stereo faders.

Bal / Pan
The Bal / Pan pot functions as balance when the input is stereo, or pan when the input is mono.

As standard, each channel is stereo.
When the mono switch is activated, only the left input is used, and gets routed to both Left and Right outputs.

[Mstr 1] switch sends the output to Stereo Master 1 bus
[Mstr 2] switch sends the output to Stereo Master 2 bus
Both master outputs can be used at the same time.

[Mute] switch kills the signal on the channel

IP816 can be installed in Buc81 or Buc82

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