Upper Input Channel Module

The IP115 inline input / routing module is an alternative to the IP111.
They are very similar, but the Mic input of the IP111 has been replaced by a Group input on the IP115

IP115 turns any channel into a group master channel.
This allows you to use full channel functionality - including inserts, routing and auxes - on the group signal.
Additionally, the
IP115 features a Line and DAW input.

Unlike most other inline consoles, The Ark features two fully independent audio paths per channel.
Each of these audio paths has its own independent routing, insert, EQ, fader and auxes.

Group input
This pot controls the gain of the Group input. Gain is from -12dB to +12dB

Line input
This is a standard Line input which can be trimmed -20dB to +20dB, and has centre detent.

[Line] switch selects between Group or Line input.

[Phase Reverse] switch is situated after the Line selection, and inverses the Group or Line signal.

DAW input
The DAW input has it’s own trim pot with centre detent, and gain range of -20dB to +20dB.
Note that the DAW input is actually another line input, and can be used for any line level source or for analogue tape returns.

Signal Path
Standard, the Line/Group input is routed through the Small Fader (SF) path, while the DAW input is routed through the Large Fader (LF) path.

IP Rev
[IP Rev] switch reverses the signal path of Line/Group and DAW. When [IP Rev] is active, the Line/Group input is routed through the Large Fader (LF) path, and the DAW input is routed through the Small Fader (SF) path.

Both the SF (small fader) and LF (large fader) path have their own independent routing. This routing comes from the output of the respective fader and pan on the lower input section. Each of the paths can be independently routed to pairs of subgroups and to 2 stereo master outputs.

Each path has it’s own insert send and return, which are standard just behind the input trim.
[Insert Post] switch moves the insert points just before the fader, post anything which may be in the middle input section (see middle input section).
[Insert On] switch activates the insert return.
Note that both Insert Sends are always active and can be used as additional pre-fader / pre- or post-eq outs or sends.

Direct Out
The IP115 has one Direct Out. The Direct Out signal comes from the small fader, but can be changed to come from the large fader, using the
[Direct Out LF] switch.

To wrap up: With the IP115 input and routing module, you can route each of the 3 inputs to the LF or SF path. The outputs of the faders can each be routed to 14 outputs. (subgroups 1 to 8, stereo master 1 and 2, insert send and direct out). The IP115 can be used as a line input, or can be used as group master for the respective subgroup busses.

Use as group master:
Configuration of this module as group master is done when we assemble the console. Only 8 of these modules can be used in any console, and they need to be in the same bucket.
When this module functions as group master, you can effectively use the complete channel and all it’s functions to control the master group signal (just think about all the possibilities).
Use the pre- or post EQ insert points to connect outboard processors.
Use the EQ for group-channel EQ.
Use the auxes to send group-channel FX
Use the direct-outs for further processing of the groups or for multi-channel recording of each group.

In the group master bucket, starting from the left, the first IP115 is master for subgroup 1, the second IP115 is master for subgroup 2, and so on. This order can not be changed.

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