The Ark8 is fully modular, each channel has been split up in separate modules / sections.
Different versions of each of the channel section modules are available.
While the Ark8 has been designed as inline console, the Ark8 also offers stereo input channels and split-console functionality.

Each input channel is made up of different sections:
* VU meter section
* Upper section which holds input and routing modules
* Middle section which can hold our multi EQ modules, or 500 / 51x modules
* Lower section which holds sends and faders

This is overview of the modules, with links to product page of each module.
Modules are available with Silver or Black faceplate.

VU Meters
Top Input Channel

Each 8 channel bucket has its own VU meters, which can read Mic/Line input, DAW input or Direct Output.
All VU meters are fitted with LED’s, (no meter light bulbs blowing out in the midst of production).
The LED intensity is controlled through the
Global Lights Dim control on the master section.
Turn it up if you work in a bright room, turn it down if you work in a darkened room.

Upper Input Channel

The IP111 is our inline input / routing module, designed to handle multiple sources and to offer extended routing options.

The IP111 has 3 inputs: Mic / Line / DAW

Upper Input Channel

The IP115 inline input / routing module is an alternative to the IP111
They are very similar, but the Mic input of the IP111 has been replaced by a Group input on the IP115.

The IP115 has 3 inputs: Group / Line / DAW

Middle Input Channel

The IP211 is designed to add colour to your signal.
It has 4 EQ sections, which can be combined on the same signal path or can be used independent from each other on either the small fader or large fader signal path.

IP211 module is used in a number of our products.
More details on the IP211 page.

IP508 - IP51x
Middle Input Channel

Instead of our IP211 multi-EQ, the middle input channel section can have 16 slots for 500-series or 51x-series modules.

Lower Input Channel

The IP311 is designed to offer extended auxiliary send options for the Large and Small fader path.
The IP311 can send the LF and SF signals to a total of 16 auxes, using our unique Aux Doubling Technology.

The IP311 also hosts the Small Fader with Pan, Solo and Mute; and Pan and Solo for the Large Fader.

IP40x - Faders
Lower Input Channel

The IP40x fader section holds 8 high-quality, smooth-to-the-touch Mute switches, and 8 high-quality, smooth-riding ALPS K-Faders.
(IP401 = ch 1-8 / IP402 = ch 9-16 / IP403 = ch 17-24 / etc.)

IP601 / IP602 / IP603
Upper Master Bucket

These 3 modules function identical.

IP601 controls the 8 master subgroups outputs.
IP602 controls Aux A master outputs 1 to 8
IP603 controls Aux B master outputs 1 to 8

IP701 / IP702
Master section

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