Ark console

Discrete - Class A - Modular - Analogue Console

Welcome to the home of the Ark console.

Ark Console
High Voltage - Discrete - Class-A - Modular - Configurable - Analogue - Console

Priced as a small-to-medium format analogue recording and mixing console, the Ark has the features and attitude of a large-format console.

The concept and design of the Ark has taken over 18 months, and is the sum of the input from professionals from all over the world and from all parts of the audio industry.
Ark has been designed - from the ground up - by this international team of audio professionals.

Every function, every feature, every switch and every knob has been questioned and discussed, with full respect for decades of recording technology, but also constantly keeping in mind that the best way to use an analogue console today may not necessarily be the way it was used in the past.

* To allow for different workflows and setups, the Ark is fully modular, fully configurable and fully expandable.
* For signal amplification and control, all new, high-voltage, discrete op-amp cards have been developed that eliminate crossover distortion while offering extended headroom, dynamic range, and improved frequency response.
* To allow full flexibility, the console has been split-up in 8-channel buckets, each bucket has been split-up in channels, and each channel has been split-up in separate sections. Each of these channel sections is available in different versions.
* The
Ark is designed and hand-built in the EU and the UK

Ark is available in different versions and configurations

But before you explore all goodies of the Ark, note the following:

The Ark features a complete Dual Audio path architecture.

Each channel has Mic or Line and DAW input.
Each of these inputs can be routed through the Small Fader or Large Fader path
Each of these audio paths has full routing to subgroups, masters and Direct Outs
Each of these audio paths has it’s own insert send / return
Each of these audio paths has access to multiple EQ sections, and to any of the available 16 auxes

In reality, this means that each channel is a Dual channel, effectively doubling the channel count.
So a 16 channel Ark becomes a 32 channel console, a 24 channel Ark becomes a 48 channel console, ….

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Ark 8
Fully configurable console with
* 8 to 64 channels
* 8 to 136 slot for 500 series
* 16 to 144 inputs to mix bus
* integrated patchbay
* integrated producer desk

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Ark 1648
Standard configuration with
* 16 inline channels with EQ
* 8 slots for 500 series
* 48 inputs to mix
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Ark 4048
Standard configuration with
* 16 inline channels
* 40 slots for 500 series
* 48 inputs to mix
All Ark consoles share the following:

* Fully discrete, Class-A design
* High Voltage (48V)
* Fully symmetrically balanced discrete summing bus system
* Fully modular, configurable and expandable

* Support for 500 or 51x modules
* Middle input section with 500 / 51x slots or Ark specific modules (EQ’s, compressors) per block of 8 channels
* Up to sixteen 500/51x slots per block of 8 channels

* Dual audio path architecture with independent routing and inserts for each audio path
* 8 subgroups, 2 stereo master outputs and insert send/return per audio path per channel
* Unique Aux Doubling Technology offering up to 16 aux sends (patent pending)

* Classic Analogue Metering with Global Meter Sensitivity switching
* Global light intensity control

* Designed in the EU and the UK.
* Hand-built in the EU.

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concept page,
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