Technology behind the Ark console.

When this group of people started the design of this console, we all agreed that we wanted to go for nothing but the best.
The best designs, the best components, the best quality.
We absolutely did not want to “cut corners” to save a couple of Euros / Dollars / Pounds, but kept striving for the absolute best quality in every single part.

Following this, we also needed to find the best partners to help build this console.

We searched long and hard, and are glad to have found great companies to work with.

* The metalworkers who do our aluminium profiles and brackets are based in Belgium, and only do special items. All the profiles are laser-cut with 0.10mm tolerance, so there is perfect fit of every part.
* The metalworkers who do our faceplates are at the other side of Belgium and use this unique technology in which they full-colour print all the lettering and labelling “IN” the anodising of the aluminium.
So this will not wear off, ever. As extra bonus, we can get the faceplates in small quantities, so can do them with any colour or layout you want.
* Our woodworker usually only does artistic “one-off” work for big companies, but loved our concept so much that he agreed on doing this. He handles and keeps handling the hardwood until it looks, feels and fits perfectly.
* Our electronic part suppliers come from all over the world, but mainly from Europe and Japan.
* We exclusively use the highest quality ALPS audio fader (the K-fader). Smooth as silk and very reliable.
* We exclusively use NKK switches from Japan for Mutes and Solos and controls. Great to the touch and guaranteed for minimum 100,000 operations
* The inductors in our EQ are custom built for us by OEP from the UK, who are part of the Carnhill Group
* PCB boards are manufactured in the EU
* Modules and boards are built by a German manufacturer who’s specialised in audio and does a lot of work for SPL and Presonus. Yes, German quality at it’s best.

All these manufacturers take great pride in their work, and are absolutely the best in their field.
They all work together so we can offer the best analogue console on the market.
We’re happy and proud to be able to work which such great companies.

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