February 2018

A little while ago, the first Ark console was installed in studio 3 at PXL University in Hasselt, Belgium.
Studio 1 and 2 feature an SS.. and a Ne.., so the Ark is in good company.

We need to go back to get more and better pictures, but it's great to hear that students and professors seem to really like the Ark.
It has even been mentioned that the layout and workflow of the Ark are perfect for education. Who are we to disagree with that?

This is a 16-channel configuration with our own EQ’s installed on the input channels. There are 32 inputs to the mix busses on this console.
The middle section is our double-wide producer desk, which as you notice can hold computer and keyboards.
On the right is integrated 19” space for patchbay and/or outboard.

January 2018

Thank you Sound on Sound magazine for the very nice preview of the Ark8.
In case you missed it, you can read the full article here.

October 2017

A quick overview

September 2017

Under Construction

On request of the customer, we delivered the partly finished frame of the first production console, so they can prepare the cabling.

This is a 16-channel console, with double-wide producer desk in the middle, which can hold a 27 inch iMac or similar.

The 19 inch bucket on the right will hold the patchbay and some FX.
All console connections have been internally brought to the patchbay, so it's just a matter of plugging in to the (D-sub) patchbays.

Custom back panels and modules will be installed over the next couple of weeks, so more pictures and videos to come.

28 April 2017

* Introduced the IP211 - 4-band inductive EQ / Hi-Cut filter / Lo-Cut filter / Swing EQ
* Updated all pricing and standard configurations
* Tried to make all information on the website a bit more clear

(and continued working on the Ark8)
29 March 2017

And then you put the knobs on …
2 March 2017

We’re really happy with what our woodworker came up with.
We use Padauk for side panels, top shelf and lean bar.
Gorgeous heartwood, since all stylish studios deserve a stylish console.
And yes, you can actually put speakers on the top shelf.
14 February 2017

We started the “Friends of the Ark Console” group on Facebook.
A company page is nice, but it is a bit of a one-way-communication. We post something, you like it (or not) and that’s it.
The “Friends of the Ark Console” group is intended to become more of a community.
You can show of your studio, your music, share experiences and ideas, discuss features and set-ups, etc.
All related to the original or the new Ark8 of course.

You’re officially invited to join the group.

The image on the right leads to our
Facebook page.
here takes you directly to the “Friends of the Ark Console” group.
17 January 2017

It has been quite some time since we shared information, but we have been busy. Sorry for that, but while a lot of people were celebrating the holiday season, we were busy building and finishing the Ark 8 1f642

More and more parts have been coming in, so we should be able to show you some nice console pictures shortly. But in the mean time, we didn’t want to wait to show you one of the finished upper input modules.

As you know, this IP111 module is rather important in the Ark 8, since apart from having all the inputs, it also has all the routing and the connections to the outside world. It took us quite some time to get it the way we wanted it to be, because we absolutely did not want to cut any corners.

Apart from the functionality, which has been explained in previous posts, and on the website, we’ve spend a lot of time on the “look and feel”.
We use a very special and rather unique technology for the front-panels (or faceplates).
The print is actually IN the anodised aluminium.
Meaning that it will not wear off, you can’t scratch it off, it will not fade, and it will stay like this for the next decades.
Nice, isn’t it? You will actually still be able to read all the markings on this console in 20 or 30 years from now.

As an extra bonus, we can do these faceplates in rather small quantities, meaning any colour scheme is possible. So if you don’t like these faceplates and rather prefer purple background with fluorescent green markings, we can do that. Just let us know.

We did not want the console to be over-colourful, so instead of using bright and shiny colour switches, the switch caps are transparant black. Each switch has an LED, so when you activate the switch, these light up. Intensity of these is globally controlled, but because of the “smokey” transparant black switch caps, they light up in a very nice way. You immediately know what is going on, but it is not at all intrusive.
Almost like the lights in a smokey Jazz club, adding to the atmosphere.